We believe that language connects people and sets them in motion.


About Us

Whether you’re an expat and want to master Arabic or you’re interested to acquire another language, at Manarat AlOfoq you learn to communicate more effectively in a Arabic language.

At every Manarat Alofoq training programme’s core:

  • Personal attention
  • Face-to-face lessons with native speakers
  • Full focus on learning the language
  • Intensity: learn an Arabic language in a short time

Opportunity to master Arabic



Our Arabic language institute is shaped as a virtual program, physically located at the center of Dubai. We cater to students both local and remote, and offer instruction in Spoken Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Incorporating scenes from daily life, we integrate the culture of the Levant, so you can put your learning into practice from the start.


Why Choose us


At Manarat Alofoq language courses are acclaimed for their individual approach and the personal attention every trainee receives, learn to communicate more effectively.

Our Mission


We aim not only to teach a language also to get you to know the culture behind it and discover and develop your own communication style.

Our Vision


To Provide an amicable atmosphere where you can have a chat with fellow students,  All the ingredients are in place for intensive language learning and an unforgettable experience.

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Top-Tier Learning Experiences

Skilled Teachers

Dedicated professionals with decades of experience. From taking students out to practice first hand in the community.

1-1 Guidance

All students have the chance to work with tutors and language partners individually to hone their skills and work towards their personal language goals.

Cultural Immersion

we give our course members something even more valuable: self-confidence. Those who dare to bring out the best in themselves work more effectively, achieve better results and attain personal success.

Message from Chairman


Our Team

The Manarat Alofoq Institute of Language for Arabic Studies is one of the pioneer Arabic institutes devoted to the teaching of Arabic Language in UAE.

Manarat Alofoq Institute has a world class reputation for serving students. It has offered Arabic language and Arabic related studies to students from across the UAE.

Enrich your understanding of the 22 countries across the Middle East and North Africa which make up the Arab world. With its rich cultural heritage, abundant natural resources and dynamic economy, the Arab world has great political, economic and cultural significance.

مفتي محمد شاه نواز ازهري
عميد / رئيس برنامج فقه اللغة العربية
ام عبدالله
الفلسفة العربية
شيخ مروان شعبان عبد العال
رئيس العلاقات المؤسسية والاعتماد
شاه شبّير روسي
منسق قسم اللغة العربية

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