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Total Immersion. Our classes are taught entirely in the target language: the only language spoken, written, or read is the one being taught. This principle marks the main difference from the traditional grammar translation methods and is both the cornerstone and wellspring of our methodology.

Dynamic Language Development. We recognize the student’s continuous progression in language acquisition based on the Four Basic Language Skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and modes of discourse or literary genres (dialogue › narration › argumentation › poetry).

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Still, most applicants opt for the regular decision window. For those who need additional time to compare schools or work on application materials, regular decision will likely be your best option. Be sure to request letters of recommendation by September, as teachers tend to get busy in late fall due to midterms and other recommendation requests.

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We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a quality, Arabic Language Leaning for all. We understand the importance of difference and diversity, and we do not want financial limitations or special needs to get in the way of your enrolment. To alleviate some of this concern and to reward high academic achievers.

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The Manarat Alofoq Institute of Language for Arabic Studies is one of the pioneer Arabic institutes devoted to the teaching of Arabic Language in UAE.

Manarat Alofoq Institute has a world class reputation for serving students. It has offered Arabic language and Arabic related studies to students from across the UAE.

Enrich your understanding of the 22 countries across the Middle East and North Africa which make up the Arab world. With its rich cultural heritage, abundant natural resources and dynamic economy, the Arab world has great political, economic and cultural significance.

مفتي محمد شاه نواز ازهري
عميد / رئيس برنامج فقه اللغة العربية
ام عبدالله
الفلسفة العربية
شيخ مروان شعبان عبد العال
رئيس العلاقات المؤسسية والاعتماد
شاه شبّير روسي
منسق قسم اللغة العربية

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