Modern Standard Arabic

Last Updated : 08-04-2023
72 Lessons
28 Enrolled

Modern Standard Arabic course: The course is organized using several methods of teaching, including grammar, multi-media, literature, poetry etc. The teachers are professional, highly experienced, native speakers, who specialized in teaching Arabic to foreigners.
Arabic is a beautiful, dynamic language and it is worth spending time studying it. Apart from lessons with our expert teachers, the institute offers many activities that provide opportunities to practice speaking Arabic.  The course is also available to all students registered.


Learning Arabic language with Us

  • Arabic language classes with experienced native-speaking Arabic teachers in Dubai
  • Flexible schedules ( morning, afternoon or evening), weekday and weekend Arabic classes
  • Materials aligned to the type of course
  • Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of teaching
  • Our approach makes learning a language more engaging, interactive and student-focused
  • Materials aligned to the type of course

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